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    FAQ about Bluetooth GPS adapter for Nikon DSLR
Problems Possible Reasons Methods
Some fast photos without GPS data When meter off, camera do not receive GPS data from GPS device (include AK-4N, GP-1 and all other compatible GPS units)
Meter Off "may prevent GPS data from being recorded if the shutter-release button is pressed all the way down without pausing." described on camera's manual.
When take photo back from camera off or sleep model, press the shutter-release button down with a pausing on half press. GPS data will write into every photo.
Connection time more than 5 seconds Have not turn on Bluetooth GPS receiver first.(On some Bluetooth GPS receivers, Bluetooth function start work 5 seconds after you turn it on) Turn on GPS first, (2 minutes earlier is better. Then turn on camera, connect and get GPS data in 3 seconds)
Some time GPS accuracy not as advertised Keep GPS in thick bag or pocket, effect the GPS satellite acquiring. Keep GPS in thin bag or hang it outside with a strap for better satellite acquiring.
Bluetooth can't pair/                 can't setup connection

Please try it with following instructions:
(Turn off Bluetooth function on PC or Mobile to avoid interference)
1, Turn on BT GPS (Bluetooth GPS receiver) first. (Make sure the Bluetooth is on and not in sleep model)
2, Keep the BT GPS near to camera.
3, PLug our adapter on camera, turn on camera and half press the shutter button for about 10 seconds.
4, They should connect within 2 minutes.
5, If still not connected in 2 minutes.
(1) Turn off camera and take the camera battery off, keep more than 3 seconds,
(2) then put the battery in
(3 )turn on the camera wait for 1 minutes. They should be connected.

These process only for the first connection. In future it only need 1-3 seconds.




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