AOKA Bluetooth GPS adapter for Nikon DSLR cameras

  AOKA Bluetooth adapter designed for high end Nikon & Fujifilm digital SLRs. When connect a supported camera with AOKA adapter, the camera will have Bluetooth function to acquire GPS data from bluetooth GPS receivers/loggers. The GPS data (Latitude, longitude, altitude, UTC time) will record in the EXIF file of photos when shooting. GPS receiver can be put in pocket or bag. No more cords or clutter!  
  • Wireless, mini size, compact to connect on the cameras
  • Easy to put camera in bag with AOKA adapter on
  • With strap hole, no risk to lost it
  • Easy to use---automatically and fast connection with GPS receivers
  • Very low power consumption
  • Support GPS in building---remember the last known position
  • GPS data always available even camera turned off. It allow you turn on camera and shoot without waiting.
  • With 2.5mm connect terminal for remote switch
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth GPS Receivers
  • GPS receiver can be used for PDA, PC or smart phone when not use camera.
  1. AK-4NⅢ ----- Nikon D5, D500, D4s, D4, D810, D810A, D800, D800E, D200, D300, D300s, D700, D2X, D2Xs, D2Hs, D3, D3X, D3s, D4 & Fujifilm S5Pro.
  2. AK-N7000 --- Nikon Df, D7000, D7100, D600, D610, D5000, D5100, D5200, D3100, D3200, Nikon D3300, D5500, D7200
  3. AK-N90 ------ Nikon D750, D90, D3100, D5000, D5100 & ( D3200)
  4. AK-N7700 --- Nikon COOLPIX P7700 & Nikon COOLPIX P7800




  on D300S D700 D3X

    New AK-4NⅢ fit Nikon D800 D800E

  for D800



AK- 4NII, AK- 4NIII, AK- N90 & AK- N7000 compatible with most Bluetooth GPS Receivers which have following 3 features:
(1) Compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile(SPP)
(2) Support NMEA0183 data protocol
(3) PIN/Passkey: 0000

Tested compatible GPS receivers:

Holux M-241
Holux M-1000
Holux M-1000B
Holux M-1000C
Holux M-1200
Holux GPSlim240
Holux GPSlim236
Holux GPSlim236B

Qstarz BT-Q1000X
Qstarz BT-Q818X
Qstarz BT-Q816X
Royaltek MBT-1100
Royaltek RBT2200
Royaltek RBT2300
GlobalSat BT 328
GlobalSat BT 368

i-Blue MobileMate 886
i-Blue 737A
i-Blue 747A
Palm GPS receiver
NCSNavi R120         Qstarz BT-Q1000XT  NOKIA LD-3W     GARMIN-GPS10X



Not compatible GPS receivers!!!

Dual XGPS150A
GNS 5870
Garmin GLO
Mobile phone or Pad

Compare with Nikon original GPS unit
On camera picture IMG_014.jpg IMG_013.jpg
Average power consumption 40mW 180mW
Support GPS in building Yes (except AK-4N) No
Dimensions(WHD) 26*18*12mm 45*25.5*50mm
Cable No Yes
Power supply From camera
On/off switch No
Turn on Turn camera on
When camera off Continue to receive GPS data
Turn off Turn camera and GPS receiver both off, or disconnected Only disconnected
Interface for Remote switch Optional Canon RS60 E3 Optional MC-DC2
Position On the camera ten-pin remote terminal On the camera hot shoe or camera strap
Receiver On condition of GPS receiver Tracking channels:18
Acquisition times Receive GPS data at once
(when GPS receiver is on already)
Cold start: Approx.45s
Hot start: Approx.5s
Update rate Once per second
Data format NMEA version 2.3 (compatible with version 3.01)


Work with compatible cameras.
1. Turn the Bluetooth GPS receiver/logger on. (Put it in your pocket or camera bag.)
  2.Turn the camera off. Connect the AOKA adapter on camera's remote terminal. (Plug the remote switch to the AOKA adapter when need.)
  3.Turn the camera on. AOKA adapter will auto start work. You can check GPS info on camera. Take picture, GPS data will be recorded with each photograph. AOKA adapter keep working even when the camera off, it allow you to turn on and take photo without waiting.
  4.Support Auto meter off on D90, D7000, D5000, D3100, D300, D300s, D700, D3 D3X and D3s cameras.
  5. AOKA adapter will turn off, when camera and GPS receiver both off.
  6. Turn the camera off and pick it up when not use.




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