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2012/08/03    AK-TTL Radio Wireless TTL flash trigger will be Released on 6th August 2012
2012/09/14    AK-G Wireless GPS receiver for Nikon DSLR cameras available
2012/09/14    Nikon D600 was announced,
AK-TTL compatible with D600

AK-N7000 Bluetooth adapter compatible with Nikon D600

AK-G2 Wireless GPS receiver compatible with Nikon D600

2013/01/16    AK-N7700 Bluetooth GPS adapter for Nikon Coolpix P7700 available

2014/01/03    AK-N7700 compatible with Nikon Coolpix P7800;
AK-N7000 compatible with Nikon D610 and Nikon Df;
AK-G2 GPS receiver compatible with Nikon D610

2014/03/11     AK-G7 GPS receiver support new Nikon D3300;
AK-N7000 Bluetooth GPS adapter support new Nikon D3300;
AK-G1s GPS receiver support new Nikon D4s;
AK-4NIII Bluetooth GPS adapter support new Nikon D4s.

2014/06/15 AK-Gf GPS receiver for Nikon Df available for sale.



AK-TTL Radio Wireless TTL flash trigger

For Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus & Sony DSLR cameras and Speedlights


         Key features:                                          

  • Wireless TTL
  • High-Speed Flash up to 1/8000
  • Ratio lighting control 
  • Trigger multiple flashes simultaneously
  • 110 meter / 360 ft
  • Easy to use, no need to learn new system
  • Completely compatible with most wireless flash system
  • Use standard AAA battery

         Completely compatible with:

  1. Nikon iTTL/CLS (Creative Lighting System )
  2. Canon Optical Wireless E-TTL flash system
  3. Pentax Wireless P-TTL flash system
  4. Sony Wireless flash system
  5. Olympus Wireless flash system




The Aokatec AK-G GPS receiver allows you to "geotag" your images with valuable information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, and time information.

AK-G write GPS data into both JPG & RAW EXIF files directly when shooting, don't need any software.

For those who are on the go such as outdoor photographers, nature shooters, climbers, sports enthusiasts, news hounds, surveillance people, real estate agents and many more, this item provides a valuable way to accurately document when and where you shot a specific photo.

AK-G1s for Nikon D5, D500, D4s, D4, D810, D810A, D800,D800E, D200, D300, D300s, D700,
D2X, D2Xs, D2Hs, D3, D3X, D3s, & Fujifilm S5Pro
AK-G2 for Nikon D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D600, D610, D5500
AK-G7 for Nikon D3300, D7000, D7100, D7200
AK-G9 for Nikon D90

AK-Gf for Nikon Df
AK-G750 for Nikon D750




AOKA Bluetooth GPS adapter for Nikon DSLR cameras

AOKA Bluetooth adapter designed for high end Nikon & Fujifilm digital SLRs. When connect a supported camera with AOKA adapter, the camera will have Bluetooth function to acquire GPS data from bluetooth GPS receivers/loggers. The GPS data (Latitude, longitude, altitude, UTC time) will record in the EXIF file of photos when shooting. GPS receiver can be put in pocket or bag. No more cords or clutter!


AK-N7700 for Nikon P7700 available. (PDF manual download)






        Key features:                                          

  • Wireless, mini size
  • Very low power consumption
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth GPS Receivers
  • Easy to use
  • Support GPS in building
  • With 2.5mm connect terminal for remote switch
  • With strap hole, no risk to lost


  1. AK-4NⅢ ----- Nikon D5, D500, D4s, D4, D810, D810A, D800, D800E,
    D200, D300, D300s, D700, D2X, D2Xs, D2Hs, D3, D3X, D3s, D4 & Fujifilm S5Pro.
  2. AK-N7000 --- Nikon Df, D600, D610, D7000, D7100, D7200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5500, D3100, D3200, Nikon D3300
  3. AK-N90 ------ Nikon D750 D90, D3100, D5000, D5100 & (D3200)
  4. AK-N7700 --- Nikon Coolpix P7700 & Nikon Coolpix P7800

IR Panel for on camera Pop-up Flash


       Key features:                                          

  • Reduces the brightness of the
    camera's built-in / pop-up flash
  • Avoid eyes blink
  • Easy to use


     A-N1 ----For Nikon Canon Pentax Olympus cameras                                                                 

     A-S1 ----For Sony cameras




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